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    PROPERTY FEE thru Airbnb 

    $400 applies toward 20 guests for all days booked + $15 per person per day to adjust for your total guest count on days booked pre/post wedding day. 

    **Extra guests on pre and post wedding days booked are NOT included in the Celebration Fee & will be adjusted for on the Airbnb property booking.



    $2500-covers 70 guests and applies only on celebration day and is billed separately from Airbnb, due one month prior to your scheduled arrival. 

    + or - $15 per person per day to adjust for your total guest count on your wedding day.


    What is included in the Celebration Fee (CF)?

    • unlimited contact with Brenda Jane prior to event to aid in planning for a smooth event

    • solar/torch/string lighting & groomed grounds

    • stocked bathrooms & all garbage can liners provided

    • foraging for downed limbs/sticks in the woods is acceptable at no charge

    • hauling all properly sorted recycling and trash to our dump

    • property manager on site during your booking to ensure a smooth event 

    FOR 70 GUESTS (*NOTE*  Depending on reception design, possibilities to make our inventory work for up to at least 100)

    • assorted tables and white wooden chairs & wooden benches 

    • when catering with Chef Mo, our house chef, silverware, china, water glass are included