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      Brenda Jane & Mauricio Abreu “Chef Mo”

      OUR STORY       Chef Mo grew up in Mexico City.  The youngest of 5, he found himself helping his mother with the shopping and cooking, perhaps to keep him occupied and out of trouble!  He developed his palette early on.  He credits his mother as his inspiring teacher.  He has said that he knew when Velia was angry, because on those occasions her dishes were overly spiced.  He quickly learned cooking was fun and looks back fondly at how beautiful it was to spend time with his mother.  Chef Mo  says he never thought his path would land him in the kitchen.  I’ve heard him say many times, “I was a graphic specialist by design and a cook by mistake.”  For fortunate foodies, we couldn’t be more grateful that his wandering path led him to serving dishes made from tradition, creative inspiration and for the love of it.

      Chef Mo and I met in Iowa, and shortly after in 2001, my daughters and I moved to Asheville.  Within months Mo followed us to Asheville.  We made each other’s dreams come true by opening our own restaurant.  Our Asheville restaurant story began in 2004 at Chef In Motion, on Victoria Road, in a quaint little house.

      In our “spare time” we kept dreaming and created an amazing sanctuary, Mountain Fiesta, which we also call home.  It’s a perfect outlet for my own creative nature.  Each year we producd more food which was both rewarding as a sustainable practice and satisfied my favorite pastime, “playing in the dirt”.  I care for our extensive gardens, chickens, goats and our adorable rescued pets.

      Change happend on Victoria Road with Mission Hospital expanstion, and were forced to take the plunge, in trying times, and opened Chef Mo’s in 2010, on Hendersonville Road in Asheville, NC.   Unfortunately, despite our encouraging fans we closed the restaurant in 2013.

      Which brings us to the present………………..and our future.  

      We are living the dream here at Mountain Fiesta by merging our passions . . . . . 


      in a quaint little house . . . . .“playing in the dirt”  . . . . .   

      serving dishes made from tradition and creative inspiration . . . . . designing creative inspiring spaces for others to enjoy . . . . . 

      for the love of it! 



      With family and friends, we will collaboratively post information to help guide you in making plans to visit Mountain Fiesta and our beautiful community.

      Our mission is to create a rich “library” of useful links and beauty shots of Spring Creek.