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Celebrations  Reunions Retreats  Workshops

Celebrate and relax with family and friends. You’ll appreciate the natural beauty our community has to offer. Regenerate and regroup with colleagues without city distractions. We have cabins within walking distance of Mountain Fiesta, as well as our yurt and camping privleges on site.

Gardener Meets the Chef

“We have combined our passions.”

Brenda Jane & Chef Mo are at home at Mountain Fiesta in Spring Creek. Brenda creates a warm comfortable atmosphere with beauty at every turn. Chef Mo’s wonderful inspired food, takes advantage of the seasons’ bounty.

Gems of the Blue Ridge  

Spring Creek, Marshall, Mars Hill & Hot Springs are all gem destinations in Madison County, “The Jewel of the Blue Ridge,” and worthy of attention. These communities help each other to thrive, shine and prosper. These traditions are still alive in these western North Carolina mountains.

Simpler Way of Life

We live on “Mountain Time”, a way of life that is relished and admired. Leave the city, the familiar, the routine. We are just over the mountain, 45 minutes from downtown Asheville, NC. Spring Creek is remote, yet accessible, tucked and rooted with rich history.

Tools To Enhance Your Mountain Fiesta Experience